Can the way you wash your hands impact your energy?

It’s a new year, a new beginning and you want to start the year feeling fresh and full of energy. You’ve likely walked into 2018 with a long list of shiny resolutions, but what if something as simple as washing your hands could add a spring to your step?

It’s no secret that we are pro-bacteria. In fact, we LOVE all things bacteria and believe it’s a necessity to living a balanced, healthy life. Our hard-working hands have been everywhere and deserve to be treated with more care than chemically driven products can give. If you’re ready to make a big impact on your energy this year by making one small change; we suggest starting with Healthy Hands.

Meet your skin biome

Our skin plays home to a universe of microbes that help keep us balanced and healthy. This elaborate ecosystem hosts trillions of microorganisms and is referred to as the skin biome. Our skin biome is nurtured from birth and continuously evolves throughout our lives, as it interacts with the various aspects of our environment and lifestyle. Similar to the gut, keeping our skin biome happy is critical to keeping our immune system strong, so it’s important to pay attention what your skin is exposed to. Excess use of antibacterial products like hand sanitisers and soaps can create a microbiome imbalance, leaving the skin vulnerable to pathogens and increasing the risk of many diseases including psoriasis, allergies, eczema, rosacea, yeast and fungal infections and even accelerated skin ageing. It’s important to clean your busy hands with a biome-friendly product, like Healthy Hands, which helps foster the growth of the bacteria we need fighting for our well-being.

No toxic chemicals allowed

You know how we love bacteria, right? Well, that’s why we say NO to hosting any toxic chemicals in our products. Many of the antibacterial products on the market contain toxic chemicals, which can present harm to our endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for secreting the hormones into our blood to regulate various body functions – it’s vital. These toxic chemicals can sometimes interfere with the normal production of hormones, leaving our body seriously compromised to an array of diseases. Research is even showing that antibacterial washes are no better at removing germs than plain soap and water. Some of these chemicals are also used in pesticides – yuck! While there are a few chemicals used in our Healthy Hands formula, these are NOT in any way toxic to your system and are of very low percentage to ensure the probiotics shine through. We focus on using ingredients that aren’t going to interfere with your hand’s thriving ecosystem.

That beautiful smell? It’s all-natural

Here are the facts; our Healthy Hands will not only tantalise your senses, transcend your mind and leave you feeling reinvigorated, it will do it all naturally. Unlike other skin care products, we use natural essential oils to create beautifully scented probiotic hand soap that will revitalise and nourish your busy hands. These oils are derived from the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. It’s important to check the label of the product you’re using because the difference between synthetic and natural is a lot bigger than merely the smell. Synthetic fragrances are often comprised of chemical compounds which are common allergens or have links to hormone disruption (we’re talking the endocrine system here). Natural essential oils, on the other hand, provide significant benefits including boosting your mood, increasing immune functionality and promoting relaxation. So you can understand why we’re committed to using only natural oils. We want to help provide your skin biome with the best environment we possibly can.

It may seem simple (that’s because it is), but the way you wash hands can have a real impact on your overall health and level of energy. Healthy Hands means a more healthy you, who is resistant to diseases and can walk into the new year with vibrancy.

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5 quick ways to prep your home for a dinner party

Alongside Sunday afternoon naps, and a good yoga class, dinner parties top the list as one of our favourite things.

Not only a way to connect with your favourite people, hosting a dinner party allows us to indulge in a fun night without having to leave the house, while also allowing us to cater for our own dietary needs, and saving a fair bit of money while you’re at it. It really is a triple-win!

That being said, we know that last minute home prep when you are expecting dinner guests can be enough to cause a stress attack in the best of us. Lucky for you, we have compiled 5 simple and quick ways to prep your home for your next dinner party – so you can truly enjoy the experience!

1. Create a cleaning kit

Having a go-to cleaning kit ready at the drop of a hat can relive a lot of last minute cleaning tension. We recommend compiling your kit with the following must-haves:

  • Anywhere Anytime (to use on any surfaces needing a wipe down)
  • Bathroom Bliss (to make sure your bathroom is squeaky clean for your guests)
  • Mop Me (to get your floors shiny and new)
  • Room Refresh (to leave your home smelling clean and fresh)

Store your kit somewhere easily accessible and pull it out the morning of your party. Your house will be shiny and new in no time at all.

2.  Visit the farmers markets

Get some fresh air the morning of your party, and visit your local farmers markets for the freshest organic produce to use in your meals. Remember to bring home a bunch or two of beautiful flowers to brighten up your home – include them in the bathroom, at the front door and on the table as a featured centre-piece.

3.  Host your party over the weekend

Rather than scheduling your party on a weeknight, or even a Friday, leaving you little time to plan and organise (juggling work, picking up the kids from school, and every other commitment that comes during the week) – be sure to schedule your dinner party for a Saturday or Sunday evening. Leave the day of the event as free as you can to ensure you have ample time for cleaning and food preparation. This simple trick can make ALL the difference in stress levels in the lead up to your party.

4.  Ask guests to bring a dish to share

Make it really easy (and fun!) by requesting each guest brings a plate of food to share. Pot-luck dinners are SO under-utilised. Allocate nibbles, wine and mains (think salad, roast veggies, protein and dessert) to each attendee and enjoy an array of delicious home cooked food.

The bonus of this is that you have outsourced the main stress-point of the evening! Now all you need to do is clean, and wait for the guests to arrive.

5.  Prepare ahead and organise your time

There are loads of delicious dinners and desserts that can be prepared ahead – doing some simple prep in the days preceding gives you more time on the day of your dinner party to prep your house, set your table and create the mood.  The last thing you want to be doing 1 hour out from go time peeling potatoes!

Most importantly, make sure you give yourself time to shower and change before guests arrive!

Finally, be realistic

Remember you don’t have to be Jaimie Oliver to host an incredible dinner party. The key components of a successful evening are good company (tick) and food (tick tick). Your guests aren’t going to expect anything more. We often set our expectations super high when it comes to hosting people in our homes, and we are far too hard on ourselves. Transforming your home into a dining sanctuary doesn’t need to take an army – a simple clean and a lively bunch of flowers or two can make all the difference.

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Making the eco-friendly switch – why this is so important for you, your family AND the environment

When all else fails, look to nature.

What does Mother Earth do when Winter hits? She sheds her leaves, and makes way for the beautiful new foliage in Spring. She surrenders to the elements, allowing things to unfold naturally, and as they should, without forcing or resisting any change.

What does this have to do with how you clean your home, you might be asking?

Well, nature has been cleaning for billions of years. She has thrived without chemical intervention, flourishing forests and oceans and the animal kingdom surviving purely the way nature intended – alongside Mother Earth.

Think about it – every single thing we as humans need for survival, stems from nature: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fruit and vegetables we eat.

Doesn’t it just make sense to be cleaning with her too?

The recent movement of anti-plastic becoming a mainstream choice (with Woolworths and Coles set to phase-out plastic bag usage as early as 2018) is a wonderful step in the right direction, supporting our planet and making the HEALTHY choice, not only for our environment, but our families as well.

Choosing to clean with natural products is the – well – natural next step, and should be taken JUST as seriously.

A quick glance at the list of ingredients on your mainstream cleaning product is enough to make you question how this is REALLY impacting not only your home, but your family and yourself! Cleaning with chemicals is not only dangerous for the environment (polluting our water systems), but for our own health. The stigma attached to natural alternatives (be it cleaning, makeup and the list goes on) is that it must be costly or ineffective – neither of which are the case.

The main challenge is in EDUCATING one another of the benefits of making the eco-friendly switch. You are voting with your dollar when you choose to clean with a product that supports the planet – telling the big corporates that we no longer want (or need) their chemical alternatives. That the way nature intended is far better – because we are no longer polluting the Earth, and we don’t have to stress about our babies being harmed by nasty chemicals.

This isn’t a plug for using our products. Of COURSE we believe they are the most effective, natural alternative on the market. Our products turn your homes into natural flourishing ecosystems, as opposed to clinical, sterile houses.

But this is much bigger than us selling bottles of cleaner to you – this is about protecting our planet, and the one you will love behind for your children. Surely that is worth something.

Make the eco-friendly switch. Because our Earth depends on it.

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The art of decluttering


Decluttering, and ‘minimalism’ is experiencing a real moment in the wellness community – and rightfully so.

There is significant research available to confirm that the cleaner your bedroom is, the more likely your headspace is also ‘clear’. In fact, this article on Psychology Today illustrates that your life satisfaction can likely be determined by whether you make your bed in the morning or not!

Here at Probiotic Solutions we are big believers that a little organisation and cleanliness can go a long way. Now that is not to say that your home need mimic an Ikea catalogue! We are realistic in recognising that young families are likely to experience peaks and troughs in the cleanliness experience – which is why decluttering is so effective. It is hard to have a messy home when you don’t have much to mess with!

We sat down and spoke with Declutter Coach Kate Jennings to understand more about the art of decluttering, and why we should consider it in our lives:

Why do you think decluttering is having such a ‘moment’?

It has been fascinating to watch the minimalism trend really unfold over the past 12 months and it is so amazing to see people getting excited about owning less! Decluttering goes in hand with minimalism as people reprioritise what they already own.

As consumers, we are much more conscious about where our products are made, how they are made and how they are recycled and repurposed. There is growing awareness of the environmental and social impacts of our belongings and this awareness is leading many people into owning less and in turn going through the process of decluttering.

What is your biggest declutter MUST do?

It can be so overwhelming to declutter, particularly if you are going at it alone. Regardless of whether you are decluttering on your own or with a declutter coach, I suggest making a schedule so that you can allocate time in your week to declutter, even if it is just an hour or an object at a time. Start with one room in the house, and go from there.

Kate chooses to use the following Probiotic Solutions products in her decluttering sessions:

“Unlike traditional household cleaning products, Probiotic Solutions products don’t contain chemicals and overpowering synthetic fragrances. They have a beautiful, subtle scent, meaning that they won’t upset any sensitive noses. Anywhere Anytime can literally be used on any surface and it’s great to only need one product!

 My favourite Probiotic Solutions scent is lemon myrtle, lemongrass, pink grapefruit and rosemary!”

We would love to see your declutter before/afters!

Share with us on social media using the hashtag #probioticsolutionsdeclutter and our favourite post will take home an Essentials Pack to help get you started on your decluttering journey.


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Let’s work together to keep Australia beautiful!

In response to Keep Australia Beautiful Week (21-27 August) the team at Probiotic Solutions have taken the pledge to pick up one piece of litter per day for the week.

While a simple act, consider the ripple effect this will have the more people who decide to make this choice, not just this week alone, but as a habit every single day.

Keep Australia Beautiful has measured that since last year, litter in Australia is down by 9%. This includes 35% less cigarette litter and 22% less plastic bag litter.

While a remarkable feat, we must remember that we have the ability to keep this momentum going.

We LOVE the idea of up cycling – re-using products that would once have been considered litter or recyclable materials – in different ways. Here are a few of our favourite up cycling tips:

Mason Jars

The hipsters are onto something! We keep all of our old glass jars and use them in multiple ways – not only do they make cute and quirky drinking glasses, but you can use them as vases or even storage in your bathroom. Toothbrush holder anyone?


Old wooden crates are an incredible storage solution – and the industrial look is totally in too! Paint them for a modern twist, or simply leave them as-is, and fill with your kiddies toys, towels or dirty laundry!

Linen Bags

 If you haven’t made the no-plastic switch yet, it’s time. Keep hold of any linen bags you are given on your next shopping spree, or at that next networking event, and use these as your new shopping bags. Keep a spare few in your car boot at all times so you are never without!

Probiotic Solutions Bottles

Our bottles can be reused in a number of ways – use our spray bottles to make your own hair detangle mix (simply mix water, your favourite conditioner and lavender essential oil, shake up and spray through) and fill our Fresh Feet bottle with cold water and a couple of drops of Peppermint oil, as a cool face mister for summer!

How will you support Keep Australia Beautiful Week?

Share with us your favourite up-cycling tip on social media and in the comments below!


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