Making the eco-friendly switch – why this is so important for you, your family AND the environment

Making the eco-friendly switch – why this is so important for you, your family AND the environment


When all else fails, look to nature.

What does Mother Earth do when Winter hits? She sheds her leaves, and makes way for the beautiful new foliage in Spring. She surrenders to the elements, allowing things to unfold naturally, and as they should, without forcing or resisting any change.

What does this have to do with how you clean your home, you might be asking?

Well, nature has been cleaning for billions of years. She has thrived without chemical intervention, flourishing forests and oceans and the animal kingdom surviving purely the way nature intended – alongside Mother Earth.

Think about it – every single thing we as humans need for survival, stems from nature: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fruit and vegetables we eat.

Doesn’t it just make sense to be cleaning with her too?

The recent movement of anti-plastic becoming a mainstream choice (with Woolworths and Coles set to phase-out plastic bag usage as early as 2018) is a wonderful step in the right direction, supporting our planet and making the HEALTHY choice, not only for our environment, but our families as well.

Choosing to clean with natural products is the – well – natural next step, and should be taken JUST as seriously.

A quick glance at the list of ingredients on your mainstream cleaning product is enough to make you question how this is REALLY impacting not only your home, but your family and yourself! Cleaning with chemicals is not only dangerous for the environment (polluting our water systems), but for our own health. The stigma attached to natural alternatives (be it cleaning, makeup and the list goes on) is that it must be costly or ineffective – neither of which are the case.

The main challenge is in EDUCATING one another of the benefits of making the eco-friendly switch. You are voting with your dollar when you choose to clean with a product that supports the planet – telling the big corporates that we no longer want (or need) their chemical alternatives. That the way nature intended is far better – because we are no longer polluting the Earth, and we don’t have to stress about our babies being harmed by nasty chemicals.

This isn’t a plug for using our products. Of COURSE we believe they are the most effective, natural alternative on the market. Our products turn your homes into natural flourishing ecosystems, as opposed to clinical, sterile houses.

But this is much bigger than us selling bottles of cleaner to you – this is about protecting our planet, and the one you will love behind for your children. Surely that is worth something.

Make the eco-friendly switch. Because our Earth depends on it.


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