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We are so excited to launch our new range of 5 L cleaning products!

The total value of this pack is $340.00 – we’re offering it you for $255.00

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Our 5L Launch Pack gives you 30 bottles of product for 25% less  PLUS while stocks last we are including the award winning White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop rrp $85.00 for FREE!

Anywhere Anytime RRP $80.00

Is the surface go to, its a fairly light cleaner, just right for wiping down your benchtops, stove tops, windows, mirrors, screens anywhere, anytime!

Bathroom Bliss RRP $95.00

Is a mild every day cleaner, great for spritzing on your shower screen to keep the soap scum and mould away, around your basin and over your mirrors.  You can also use it in your loo and if you suffer from smelly drains every now and then, pour a little down the drain to clean it up – its septic safe and environmentally positive.

Mop Me RRP $80.00

Is our strongest cleaner, its pretty much just the concentrate so use sparingly.  For floors just a dash in the bucket and fill with warm water, so far we haven’t found a hard surface that it doesn’t clean and it leaves a beautiful fresh smell throughout your house.  However, you don’t have to just use Mop Me on the floor – you can use it as a spot cleaner for carpets (particularly “organic” messes made by pets) or even to wash out your washing machine, just throw some in the drum and put your machine through an express cycle, same for your dishwasher.  Ah one product so many uses!

Spin Mop Hand Press RRP $85.00

The Original and best White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop. Cleans all hard floor surfaces in the home such as: Tile, Stone, Wood, Laminate, Lyno, Vinyl etc. The Spin Mop has a patented spinning mechanism that spins at over 2600 rpm.  It comes with 2 Microfibre Mop Heads that are made from 8000 strands of microfiber.  Machine washable at least 100 times. 



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