The art of decluttering

The art of decluttering



Decluttering, and ‘minimalism’ is experiencing a real moment in the wellness community – and rightfully so.

There is significant research available to confirm that the cleaner your bedroom is, the more likely your headspace is also ‘clear’. In fact, this article on Psychology Today illustrates that your life satisfaction can likely be determined by whether you make your bed in the morning or not!

Here at Probiotic Solutions we are big believers that a little organisation and cleanliness can go a long way. Now that is not to say that your home need mimic an Ikea catalogue! We are realistic in recognising that young families are likely to experience peaks and troughs in the cleanliness experience – which is why decluttering is so effective. It is hard to have a messy home when you don’t have much to mess with!

We sat down and spoke with Declutter Coach Kate Jennings to understand more about the art of decluttering, and why we should consider it in our lives:

Why do you think decluttering is having such a ‘moment’?

It has been fascinating to watch the minimalism trend really unfold over the past 12 months and it is so amazing to see people getting excited about owning less! Decluttering goes in hand with minimalism as people reprioritise what they already own.

As consumers, we are much more conscious about where our products are made, how they are made and how they are recycled and repurposed. There is growing awareness of the environmental and social impacts of our belongings and this awareness is leading many people into owning less and in turn going through the process of decluttering.

What is your biggest declutter MUST do?

It can be so overwhelming to declutter, particularly if you are going at it alone. Regardless of whether you are decluttering on your own or with a declutter coach, I suggest making a schedule so that you can allocate time in your week to declutter, even if it is just an hour or an object at a time. Start with one room in the house, and go from there.

Kate chooses to use the following Probiotic Solutions products in her decluttering sessions:

“Unlike traditional household cleaning products, Probiotic Solutions products don’t contain chemicals and overpowering synthetic fragrances. They have a beautiful, subtle scent, meaning that they won’t upset any sensitive noses. Anywhere Anytime can literally be used on any surface and it’s great to only need one product!

 My favourite Probiotic Solutions scent is lemon myrtle, lemongrass, pink grapefruit and rosemary!”

We would love to see your declutter before/afters!

Share with us on social media using the hashtag #probioticsolutionsdeclutter and our favourite post will take home an Essentials Pack to help get you started on your decluttering journey.



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