What’s the deal with probiotics anyway? (How does it all work, a little on gut health, and why it makes sense to clean with them)

What’s the deal with probiotics anyway? (How does it all work, a little on gut health, and why it makes sense to clean with them)



Hang on a second, what do you mean CLEAN with probiotics?

We get that a lot.

It is wonderful that probiotic usage for gut health has become somewhat of a ‘mainstream’ idea, rather than a health ‘fad’. We understand that in order for our gut micro biome to be truly balanced and healthy, it needs to be thriving with healthy bacteria. That yes, there will be nasty bugs in there from time to time, but so long as the healthy bugs outweigh the bad ones, the ecosystem in our gut thrives – leaving us with a strong immune system, clear mind, better sleep and all-round optimal health.

Did you ever think about the bacteria in your home? And that, perhaps, we are washing away the ‘good guys’ as well, when we clean with the mainstream products we are used to?

Here’s the thing: commercial cleaners wipe out 99.9% of ALL bacteria. You know this. They celebrate it in their advertising!

But what does this mean, when you have cleaned your home and eradicated ALL traces of bacteria (both the good and the bad)?

Well, firstly, commercial cleaning products stop working once the surface is dry – so harmful bacteria (the bad guys) are able to regroup just as quickly as they were wiped away. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

When you clean with a probiotic-based cleaner, you are cleaning with MILLIONS of good bugs from 13 strains of bacteria in every single bottle. This allows the bad bugs to be kept at bay, neutralising them and leaving a flourishing eco-system of good bugs throughout your home.

Because probiotic cleaning products are required to be 100% natural and plant-based (as the bacteria needs a healthy environment to live and thrive) you are guaranteed NO harmful chemicals, including zero colours, fragrance or allergens. So you can clean breathing a sigh of relief knowing your family is safe – including your children and pets.

Plus, the beautiful scents of lavender and lemon are derived entirely from essential oils – so your home is left sparkling clean and smelling beautiful, without the nasty headache that often comes with artificial fragrance.

The end result?

Your home is left naturally balanced – as nature intended – instead of acting like a chemical lab. Because probiotics are LIVING organisms, they continue cleaning long after they have been sprayed on the surface – allowing for a longer lasting clean.

So do you think it’s time you made the switch?


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