5 quick ways to prep your home for a dinner party

5 quick ways to prep your home for a dinner party


Alongside Sunday afternoon naps, and a good yoga class, dinner parties top the list as one of our favourite things.

Not only a way to connect with your favourite people, hosting a dinner party allows us to indulge in a fun night without having to leave the house, while also allowing us to cater for our own dietary needs, and saving a fair bit of money while you’re at it. It really is a triple-win!

That being said, we know that last minute home prep when you are expecting dinner guests can be enough to cause a stress attack in the best of us. Lucky for you, we have compiled 5 simple and quick ways to prep your home for your next dinner party – so you can truly enjoy the experience!

1. Create a cleaning kit

Having a go-to cleaning kit ready at the drop of a hat can relive a lot of last minute cleaning tension. We recommend compiling your kit with the following must-haves:

  • Anywhere Anytime (to use on any surfaces needing a wipe down)
  • Bathroom Bliss (to make sure your bathroom is squeaky clean for your guests)
  • Mop Me (to get your floors shiny and new)
  • Room Refresh (to leave your home smelling clean and fresh)

Store your kit somewhere easily accessible and pull it out the morning of your party. Your house will be shiny and new in no time at all.

2.  Visit the farmers markets

Get some fresh air the morning of your party, and visit your local farmers markets for the freshest organic produce to use in your meals. Remember to bring home a bunch or two of beautiful flowers to brighten up your home – include them in the bathroom, at the front door and on the table as a featured centre-piece.

3.  Host your party over the weekend

Rather than scheduling your party on a weeknight, or even a Friday, leaving you little time to plan and organise (juggling work, picking up the kids from school, and every other commitment that comes during the week) – be sure to schedule your dinner party for a Saturday or Sunday evening. Leave the day of the event as free as you can to ensure you have ample time for cleaning and food preparation. This simple trick can make ALL the difference in stress levels in the lead up to your party.

4.  Ask guests to bring a dish to share

Make it really easy (and fun!) by requesting each guest brings a plate of food to share. Pot-luck dinners are SO under-utilised. Allocate nibbles, wine and mains (think salad, roast veggies, protein and dessert) to each attendee and enjoy an array of delicious home cooked food.

The bonus of this is that you have outsourced the main stress-point of the evening! Now all you need to do is clean, and wait for the guests to arrive.

5.  Prepare ahead and organise your time

There are loads of delicious dinners and desserts that can be prepared ahead – doing some simple prep in the days preceding gives you more time on the day of your dinner party to prep your house, set your table and create the mood.  The last thing you want to be doing 1 hour out from go time peeling potatoes!

Most importantly, make sure you give yourself time to shower and change before guests arrive!

Finally, be realistic

Remember you don’t have to be Jaimie Oliver to host an incredible dinner party. The key components of a successful evening are good company (tick) and food (tick tick). Your guests aren’t going to expect anything more. We often set our expectations super high when it comes to hosting people in our homes, and we are far too hard on ourselves. Transforming your home into a dining sanctuary doesn’t need to take an army – a simple clean and a lively bunch of flowers or two can make all the difference.


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