Let’s work together to keep Australia beautiful!

Let’s work together to keep Australia beautiful!


In response to Keep Australia Beautiful Week (21-27 August) the team at Probiotic Solutions have taken the pledge to pick up one piece of litter per day for the week.

While a simple act, consider the ripple effect this will have the more people who decide to make this choice, not just this week alone, but as a habit every single day.

Keep Australia Beautiful has measured that since last year, litter in Australia is down by 9%. This includes 35% less cigarette litter and 22% less plastic bag litter.

While a remarkable feat, we must remember that we have the ability to keep this momentum going.

We LOVE the idea of up cycling – re-using products that would once have been considered litter or recyclable materials – in different ways. Here are a few of our favourite up cycling tips:

Mason Jars

The hipsters are onto something! We keep all of our old glass jars and use them in multiple ways – not only do they make cute and quirky drinking glasses, but you can use them as vases or even storage in your bathroom. Toothbrush holder anyone?


Old wooden crates are an incredible storage solution – and the industrial look is totally in too! Paint them for a modern twist, or simply leave them as-is, and fill with your kiddies toys, towels or dirty laundry!

Linen Bags

 If you haven’t made the no-plastic switch yet, it’s time. Keep hold of any linen bags you are given on your next shopping spree, or at that next networking event, and use these as your new shopping bags. Keep a spare few in your car boot at all times so you are never without!

Probiotic Solutions Bottles

Our bottles can be reused in a number of ways – use our spray bottles to make your own hair detangle mix (simply mix water, your favourite conditioner and lavender essential oil, shake up and spray through) and fill our Fresh Feet bottle with cold water and a couple of drops of Peppermint oil, as a cool face mister for summer!

How will you support Keep Australia Beautiful Week?

Share with us your favourite up-cycling tip on social media and in the comments below!


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  1. I use old 1L soup jars from Harris Farm to light up my garden with tea lights – they’re fantastic – protect them from wind and weather and look beautiful as night progresses. I also use (small) old glass jam jars in my (high school) kids lunch – they’re great for chopped carrots / celery or apple pieces!

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